“Give Props, to Whom Props is Due” Psalm 123, 146; Genesis 9:1-17

Today, in our 21st Century culture, it is so easy to lose sight of who/what really matters, and praise people and things that don’t deserve to be praised. In our own culture we praise athletes, entertainers, artists, reality stars, cars, houses, shoes, and you fill in the blank_____. We give so much praise to these people and things, that we begin to adopt their ways and philosophies, and desire to acquire more of those things.

I believe we have it all wrong!!

We have it wrong because I’ve never met anyone who is enthroned in the Heavens, who can dole out eternal mercy when we mess up, who made Heaven and Earth, the sea, and all that is in them; who created the concept of justice, made the properties of food, sets prisoners holistically free, opens up the physical and spiritual eyes of the blind, put the green grass, wet in water, blue in sky, and created humankind in his own image!!

This bespeaks of a deity with authority, creativity, power, authenticity, genius, thoughtfulness, love, awesomeness, and care. This type of presence deserves to be praised. The Lord “did this and done that!” God deserves the praise! We have to “Give Props, to Whom Props is Due!” I Praise God! I thank God! I Love God! God is Great!

Will you Praise God with me??


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