Start From The Bottom– What’s Your Here??



So, I don’t get a chance to listen to the radio much, but one song thats getting major air play, that I’m feeling is, “Started From The Bottom” by Drake. I interpret this song as a celebratory ode to the “rags to riches and bottom to top” rise of Drake. Hence, the chorus, “Started from the Bottom- Now I’m Here!”

In life, we all  most of us have goals and dreams, and we have to start from somewhere. Some of us start on 1st base, while others start on 3rd base; some of us start with a silver-spoon in our mouth, while some of us start with a plastic spoon (fork, spoon, and knife combo pack); some of us start in the suburbs and others in the hood’; some at the “bottom,” while others at the “top.”

Irregardless of where we start, I believe all of us have a purpose, “top,” promised land, final destination, and “here” that we’re supposed to reach and achieve. I believe our “Here” is a measure of our success, we made it moment, and result of our hard work. Once again, no matter where you start, I encourage you to grind, hustle, pray, go get it, work pray, plan, implement, revise, learn, pray, and press to whatever and wherever your “Here” is!!

Started From The “……………..,” Now I’m HERE!!!