God Answers Prayer

By now the word is out that my family is moving to Maryland, after having been appointed as the new pastor of the Historic Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Md. Wow, what an honor and a privilege.

However, while I’m truly grateful for my pastoral appointment, I’m more grateful for another reason. I’m grateful for my son Maxwell. I’m grateful because, since Maxwell was born, everything my wife and I have done has largely been done with Maxwell in mind. We moved from Charlotte to Hampton Roads to be closer to family, in order that our family may help us care for Max. We purchased a condominium with two first floor bedrooms, so that our master bedroom could be in close proximity to Max and to eliminate going up and down the stairs. Last year, we purchased a minivan, in order that we may get it converted to be handicap accessible for Maxwell– a goal that we’re still working on. And now God has answered our prayers with a move to Maryland.

What’s so special about Maryland you ask?

Well, considering that Maryland is where I was born and raised, it’s always good to be home. More than that though, are the ways in which we hope Maxwell can benefit. While, we’ve appreciated the medical care that Max has received at Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk, we can’t help but think that he will receive better care with us living in Maryland. Between John Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore and Children’s National Hospital in D.C.; both being highly reputable hospitals, Erica and I feel as if Maxwell is in good hands because of the access he can potentially have to high quality physicians and specialists. While no hospital or medical group is perfect, we believe that God knew what we needed for Maxwell– God answers prayer!

In addition to quality healthcare, Maxwell has two boy cousins that are close in age to him– two cousins that show Max an abundance of love and compassion. Two cousins that are inquisitive and that have asked questions about Maxwell’s medical condition. Two cousins, that when I talk to them on the phone, always ask about Maxwell. Two cousins that are the brothers that Max has never had. Two brother-cousins that now live right down the road– God answers prayer!

Lastly, our family is grateful for Saint John A.M.E., because while we haven’t been able to meet the whole church yet; we have met a few of the members and we’re grateful for the love in which they’ve shown towards Maxwell thus far. As parents, Erica and I are always sensitive to the ways in which people treat Maxwell, so it makes our hearts glad, when people take the time to show love and compassions towards our son. We’re also grateful that the church is handicap accessible, which allows us to get Max in and out the church with ease, this is not the case with all churches. Needless to say, we believe that God knew where and what was best for our family and there is no doubt in my mind that– God answers prayer!

Oh and one more thing. Last year, we were supposed to drive to Orlando, Fl to take Maxwell to Disney World, but we ended up canceling the trip due to unforeseen circumstances. So instead, Erica and I decided to take Max up to Baltimore to visit the Dave and Busters, the Children’s Museum, and the Baltimore Aquarium. We spent the day in Baltimore, never anticipating, that a year later we would be calling the Baltimore area home– look at God!!!!