It’s On The Way- Isaiah 12

Today’s reading is a continuation of what took place in chapter 11 of Isaiah (do homework if necessary). In chapter 11, the people are excited because God is no longer displeased with Israel or Judah. God has now moved from being displeased, to doling out the needed resources and empowerment, that Israel and Judah needed to return from exile and deeds their enemies. The tribes of Israel and Judah, were both looking forward to the day when the hand of oppression, would be forcefully defeated and removed off their respective nations. This would be a day of great praise and celebration!

As we consider what we have to face in our own lives, there are times when we find ourselves under attack, overwhelmed, and oppressed by someone or something. For some of us, the enemy of our affliction may be bills, health issues, weight gain, addictions, laziness, procrastination, bullies, terrible bosses, abusive spouses, -isms, phobias, or any other instrument of our discomfort.

However, The Good News of this text is, the repeated assurance and hope of, “A Day is coming when we will sing…” (NRSV)

What will the people sing about on That Day?

1. The People will praise God for his past track record.
2. They will praise God for his active presence in their lives.
3. They will praise God for what they hope is on the way in the future.

I believe with careful reflection, each and every day, is a great day to Praise The Lord!

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