Morning LIFT… “I Do It For…”

Have you ever asked yourself why you do it? Well, I’m asking you right now, why do you do it?

The thought that sparked this piece is the song I Do it For Hip-Hop by Ludacris featuring Nas and Jay-Z, in which each of them artistically express in their own style, why they do what they do. See the video link at end of paragraph to listen to the song for yourself (listen at your own risk). I Do It For Hip-Hop

So why do you write? Why do you teach? Why do you coach? Why do you play? Why do you sale? Why do you preach? Why do you advocate? Why do you do what you do?

Whatever you do, do it because you love it! Do it because your passionate about it! Do it because it makes a difference in the lives of others! Do it because its a labor of love! Do it because its your purpose! Do it because of your calling! in the words of Nike, Just Do It!


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