Reflection of the past month

(Not edited for grammer miskaest) LOL…but seriously This is a free-write, so there may be a few grammar errors/mistakes.

So a lot has transpired in the past few months. Things are really improving at St. Matthew AME, worship has gotten much better, my preaching has got better, and old members are starting to come back. I’m really excited about the worship though. There is a lot that still needs to be done here at the church and in the community, I’m just asking the Lord to guide me, send help, send help, and anoint the ministry at our church.

I’ve also gotten married, yep May 26, 2012 I married my love, Erica M. McAfee. A brother is blessed, sho nuff! We did a cruise for our honeymoon, which took us to Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. We had a blast on the cruise.

Not only am I married now, but I’m also about to be a father. WOW!! I’m excited to be a soon-to-be father, but I’m also very nervous about what it means to be a father. I’m excited though!! Erica and I are both excited! It goes to show that the Lord will surely give you what you ask for. I have my lovely bride, child on the way, and a church….you can keep the dog and the picket fence, I’m good!


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