Remove the Band-Aid

(These are random musings and this is not edited for grammatical errors.)

So as I was in the shower this evening, I happened to wash my face to aggressively and popped a pimple that began to bleed (Yea I know, TMI). So immediately, after the alcohol applications, I placed a Band-Aid on it. Thinking in advance, as I tend to do, I know that I can’t leave this Band-Aid on too long, because it’ll begin to get that grunge look­. You know that look– the black dirt that gathers around the edges. So, to avoid all of this, this Band-Aid comes off in two days MAX!!!

Have you ever left a Band-Aid on for too long? Too often, not only do we leave them on too long to cover of physical blemishes, but also emotional, mental, relational, financial, operational, institutional, and etc. We get in the habit of leaving short-term fixes on too long! It might be okay to do patch work and Band-Aid for a quick sec, but not for weeks, months, and years! Substituting one addiction for another one is not good, if you never probably dealt with the addiction. Going from relationship to relationship is not healthy, if you don’t deal with the emotional issue at hand. I could go on and on.

So whether it’s a marriage, job, addiction, house, car, goal, we all need to Remove the Band-Aids. These are a few of my thoughts on this healing process…..

  1. Assess your Resources
  2. Remove the Band-Aid
  3. Apply the appropriate Resolution/Remedy

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