The Right One(1)…..(old post)

In my 26 years of living, it seems like a lot of life has to do with finding the right one! We grow up looking for the right school to attend, the right friends, the right toys to play with, the right sport to play, and the right activity to get involved in. And as we get much older life starts to become more serious and we take on more responsibility.


For some of us, this starts with going to the right college or university, the school that has the best reputation, best programs, best professors, and perhaps the best dining halls. We look for the job that is the right one as well. We want the job which pays the most, offers the best benefits, most promising opportunity for career advancement, and best work schedule. We’ve seen sports teams such as the Miami Heat or Dallas Cowboys, who seem to have all the right players and coaches to win the big one. We look for the right one when it comes to finding a car to purchase, the car with the right size, fully loaded interior, right color, best consumer reviews, right price and best financing. When it comes to companionship, we too want to find the right one! Right height! Right size! Right shape! Right complexion! Right zodiac sign! Right job! Right income! Intelligent! Yada yada yada…… get my point.


However, as with everything, a lot of time we think we’ve found the right one, but something ends up missing. The right university ends up not being the school you thought it was, food is terrible and the weather is way too cold. The job ends up being stressful, a long commute, long hours, and just not worth it anymore. The Cowboys, don’t even make the playoffs! The car ends up being a lemon! Lastly, the person that you thought was the one, ends up having you singing, “Fall For Your Type.” They’re nothing like you thought they would be.


I wish I could to tell you what to look for or pay attention to when searching out the right one, but the honest truth is, we’re all in the search for our own “right one,” whether it be a career, car, house, school, soulmate, or something as simple as an outfit to wear on Friday night!! All I can say is you know when you’ve found the right one(1)!! Good luck!



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