Did You Realize? (old post)

“Did you realize that you were a Champion in their eyes? Yes I Did” These are the words rhymed by Kanye West in his song “Champion” Kanye says he realized that he was a champion in their eyes, but for most of us, we can’t say the same thing. We say, “No I Didn’t.” The reality for a lot of us is that we don’t know we’re champions, we don’t fully know what we’re capable of, and the possibility that lies within us. A lot of us have an inkling of what God has put inside of us, but we end up confusing humility with self- deprecation and too often negate our gifts. We sell ourselves short and think we’re not worthy of certain things God has in store for us. Did we realize? Nope we didn’t? There are countless stories of persons who sell themselves short and lack the confidence needed to “seize the moment.”

 Just like the song says, ….”you were a Champion in their eyes.” Simply stated, in the midst of negative reports on TV, people dying, violence in our communities, money troubles, post recession, oil spills, felonies, and other realities, there are a host of people out there, who see the CHAMPION inside of you! Who see the potential inside of you! Who see the greatness! Who see that your an overcomer and much more! They see it inside of you!

Champion is someone who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, or an advocate for a cause.

All of us are champions, b/c we’ve constantly had to defeat rivals and surpass things and people in our way. We’ve advocated for something, for someone, for ourselves, our dreams, our communities, We are all Champions! All you have to do is change the way you view yourself from the inside and your outlook will change. We will see things much different.

 God saw a king in David, an economist in Joseph, father of nations in Abraham, liberator in Moses, leader in Esther, and a savior in Jesus!! What do people see in you? What do you see? What does God see!?

 Did you realize that you were a Champion? Yes We Did!!





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