Acts 27:9-26 Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing!!

Too often in life, we place unnecessary and misplaced value on temporary possessions such as, clothes, cars, houses, family heirlooms, and money$$$$. The reality is, at any moment in our lives, we could lose the “things” we values to theft, fire, natural disaster, and misplacement. ANYTHING could happen against our will and then their gone forever!!

As a pastor, I’ve officiated and attended many funeral, but I’ve never seen the deceased be buried with their personal possessions! NEVER!!!

In this scripture, the Apostle Paul is being transported as a prisoner, on his way to Rome. Unfortunately, along the journey to Rome, they encounter a bad storm. Paul warns the Roman Soldier on board, that continuing into the storm, will eventually cause the ship to be destroyed, cargo lost, and loss of lives. They ignore Paul! However, one night on the ship, Paul has a dream and is told by an angel that, the ship and cargo will be lost, but lives will be saved!! 

Whats the takeaway?? I?n life, it’s crucial that we practice Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing!! That’s PEOPLE!! Everything was lost in this story, except for the lives of the people! Remember, in life, people always come before things!

Dear Lord, remind us to people first and to use our temporary possessions to build your kingdom on earth!

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