God’s Evidence- Acts 14:17

Acts 14:17 (GNT)

But he has always given evidence of his existence by the good things he does: he gives you rain from heaven and crops at the right times; he gives you food and fills your hearts with happiness.”

Family, in a world where planes have gone missing and shot down, innocent people killed, wars fought over religious differences, young girls kidnapped, black men harassed and killed by law enforcement, innocent children left in sweltering cars, inner-city violence, and personal pain/struggle, its easy to be discouraged and shout, “GOD WHERE ARE YOU?!” 

If we can keep it real for a few seconds, after reading the newspaper, watching the news, scrolling through our timelines, and dealing with the stuff in our own lives, sometimes it seems as if God doesn’t exist! Sometimes, it seems as if God is either on vacation, or not real! Be honest! Raise your hand, if you’ve ever felt like this before? I HAVE!!!

Well, I want to encourage you today, by reminding you and everyone reading this blog, that GOD is all around us! Now, I hate be cliché–ish, but have you ever stopped to seriously think about the simple things of life? For instance, who woke you up this morning? How do our bodies manage to heal themselves? How is it that everything in nature works in concert together? How is it that Earth spins perfectly on its axis? How is it that you’ve made it to where you are today and some of your friends didn’t? Why did you get hired for the job? Why didn’t you get sick? Why didn’t you get caught? How come you got the scholarship? Why did you get the loan? How come you didn’t get harmed in the car accident? How did you make it out the hood’ and your friends didn’t?

Evidence prints

I’m sure that there are many many more questions that you could ask, but more than likely, they might go unanswered! The only answer I have to my questions, is to look at the evidence! For me and my life, all of the unexplained blessings i’ve received in my, are just trails, clues, and the fingerprints of God’s evidence in my life! For me, it all leads to God!

Today, I challenge you to look at the evidence from a God’s eye view!

If this BLOG was a blessing to you, I ask that you share it with others, so all can be blessed!

Much Love,



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