“Start-Up” vs Corporate

Recently I met with my boss, the CEO of a very large company that I’m apart of, and I expressed to him my desire to organize and start my own “start-up.” Graciously, he allowed me to share with him my passion to help people and communities, my vision to do this, and where I want to do this. I gave him what I believed to be the pros and cons of a “start-up” and for remaining apart of an established corporate organization. After hearing me out, my CEO began to talk to me about what he viewed as the cons of a “start-up” and the overwhelming pros of remaining in a corporate organization as he sees it.

His reason for staying corporate are:

1. Why start something new, when we’re already established.

2. You can do the same thing in a corporate situation that you can do in a “start-up.”

3. If you pay your “dues” YOU can be a corporate partner in about 10 years.

Now, I have to admit all of these reasons for remaining corporate are very enticing and intriguing, both financially and for job security, but I too have a dream…


It Takes a Village,


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