Neighbors Know My Name…. (old post)

I bet the neighbors know my name
Way you screamin scratchin yellin,
Bet the neighbors know my name
They be stressin while we sexin,
I bet the neighbors know my name
My name my name
I bet the neighbors know my name
My my my…


I’ve been waiting to blog about this song for the longest, the truth of the matter is that I’m actually not a big fan of the literal lyrical content b/c I feel that there is way too much sex on the radio, but I do like the way I’ve interpreted the song for myself and for my audience to read and possibly listen to differently the next time they hear it.


It is clear from the lyrics of this song, that Trey Songz is “putting in work,” I mean screamin, scratchin, yellin….the neighbors must be irritated. I once had a professor say that sex between two people in love should be such an experience, that they should see God. Well, I doubt that these two are in love in this song and I doubt anyone is seeing God, but that is besides the point. The point is thisthe sex is that good, that this woman is effected by the experience, as well as the neighbors. The clinician, Mr. Songz is making everyone bear witness to his craft of lovemaking.


What is your craft? What are you good at? We all have something that we are gifted at that may make some yell in excitement, scratch their heads, and scream your praises. Their is something that we do so well that may also disturb your neighbors too, thats okay, we all need haters…it just lets us know that are doing a good job. Do you do it so well, that the people know your name? I bet if you continue to work hard, be persistent, and consistent on your craft, people will begin to recognize you, people will begin to know you by your gifts and talents. People will know your name, it may not bring you fame and fortune, but I bet you NEIGHBOR will know your name, besides if they are you neighbor, then all that means is that when you’re performing their in your NEIGHBORHOOD so they can’t miss you! So who is your Neighbor?


Keep doing you! I bet the Neighbors Know Your Name!!