Your Agitation is My Aspiration


Today, while I was at work, I heard a baby crying– not just crying, but wailing! I mean, this baby had some lungs! During this “hymn of need,” one of my co-workers walked by, shook his head and looked as if he was agitated.  To be frank, I hear about 5 or so babies and children crying everyday at work.

However, today it dawned on me, while some are mostly agitated with the sound of crying, I’m not! Its actually my aspiration to one day hear tears from my own children! See, maybe you don’t know, but I’ve lost two children in the past 10 months! So for me, the sound of children, now take on new meaning! I would love to hear Brandon Jr. or Brielle to cry! I’d imagine they’d cry and my wife and I would soothe them! So yes, that is my aspiration!

So the next time you hear cries, just think about those children who weren’t given the opportunity to cry and the parents who can’t wipe their tears away.

With Love,